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Is Your Name Hindle ?

ARMS OF HINDLE. Argent fesse gules.
The shield is silver with a red band across the centre.


If so your ancestors may have been living in East Lancashire in the sixteenth century. The family were numerous in Rishton and Great Harwood at this period and at least one of them, Christopher Hindle, was a chapman in 1569 and is thought to been buried at Great Harwood in 1597. Other Hindles were freeholders in Tottleworth and Cowhill Rishton. Another Christopher Hindle, born in 1539 was a juryman in 1610. John of Tottleworth had three sons, John, Ralph and Christopher born in 1592. He paid subsidy in 1610 and died in 1627. His son Ralph had sons John and Christopher, who was born in 1620. Christopher Hindle mentioned above as born in 1592, was Vicar of Ribchester in 1617. He was a keen royalist and was suspended from his office in the church and finally expelled in 1649. He died in 1657, leaving a son Andrew who was born in 1623.

Another branch of the family were to be found at Highercroft in Lower Darwen. They were descended from John Hindle, a tanner of Hindle Fold, Great Harwood, who died in 1760. His son Christopher, was born in 1710 and followed his father's trade. He was succeeded in 1789 by his son, another Christopher, of Bradley Hall, who bought Highercroft. He had six sons, the eldest, Christopher, became Chief Constable for lower Darwen Division and died unmarried. The youngest son, Joseph inherited the Highercroft estate. A branch of the family settled in Blackburn where John Hindle was a Governor of the Grammar School in 1763 and died in 1776. His son John Fowden Hindle of Gillibrand Hall was born in 1759. He bought the Woodfold Park estate in Mellor and died in 1831. His son became Sheriff of Lancashire in 1844.

Yet another branch of the family lived at Holker House, Hoddlesden. They were descended from Christopher Hindle of Cowbarrow, living early in the eighteenth century.


The image and text of this page have been copied directly from a photocopied article that my father took from a book / magazine. Unfortunately, I don't have details of this source, but still have the photocopy.

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